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What we aim to offer:- A personalised service that gives you the opportunity to experience a taste of the life aboard a sailing yacht. You will also be encouraged to Sail and steer the boat, handle the sails or you can just relax and watch the world go by, do a bit of fishing eating your catch soon after landing it. Watch the sun go down with that Cool Beer or Glass of chilled Wine with good food aboard. A time to chat and listen to salty tales of the sea, including some of the experiences of the crew.

Later in the summer when the sea is warm Swim off the boat and if lucky at night experience the florescent bloom of plankton flashing green as you break the water surface. Alternatively, go ashore in the evening and enjoy food from local restaurants and pubs that frequent our coastline.

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We also offer Corporate Day(s) and Weekend Sailing.

This is designed for:- Work Colleagues or Client Entertainment.

This can just be a fun-day, with or without team building exercises.

With clients aboard, we can organise our itinerary so that you have the opportunity to get to know them better or have the time, to time to make that sales pitch of product or services.